Beth's Family

I could not be more proud of my family than I am. I have been married to Everett, who is now the Project Manager of Texas Lehigh,. He is the employee with the longest standing at the company, never wavering in his duties, loyalty, and hard work for the Co. since 1976.

We have 3 children: Shane, who after graduating from HHS, immediately joined the Army. As a 7 year veteran, he deployed to Kosovo, Afghanistan (1 week after 9/11), and Iraq. Shane is employed now by the Hays County Sheriff's Office and moved quickly up to Sgt. He is over the warrants division, Gang Task Force, and is the Mental Health officer for Hays County. Shanes' spouse, Lori, is the Criminal Justice teacher at Lehman HS. They have given us 2 beautiful granddaughters.

Tiffany is employed as an IT analyst for the Travis Co. Sheriffs' office and her husband John, who is the Director of Training at the ALERRT Center in San Marcos, and a published author. They have given us a very smart, handsome 9 yr. old grandson.

And, Crystal who is an accomplished BOA for an Edwards Jones FA in San Marcos, and her husband, Jason, who opened his own Edward Jones Branch in San Marcos. They will give us our 4th grandbaby, Elizabeth, by the end of Sept. 2013.